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Helping people; unlocking potential


What matters to us

At our Core

Humans move businesses, society, and the world, thus human resource support in the form of career coaching and profiling is the core of the work that we do.


We believe that each individual is unique and have his/her own unique innate potential and strengths. Only by understanding oneself will you know what development and path to pursue.


Sometimes the first step is the most important step.  

What we stand for

Our values and what we believe in


process to discover your personality and strengths


the potential of individuals and businesses


in our solutions to explore your fulfilling career path

Who we help

We help individuals uncover their hidden potential and unique strengths, while also assisting businesses in identifying the right candidates for the job.

We believe that every individual possesses their own inherent abilities and potential, and our career coaching and profiling services are tailored to help individuals identify the right development path to pursue.


With Inscape, you can take that first step towards personal and professional growth, and unlock your full potential. Join us today and discover your unique strengths and talents, and chart a path towards success.

Happy Businesswoman


Uncover your Inner Self with inXight

If you have any enquiries regarding the inXight test, do free to email us at

Business Meeting


Identify compatible candidates

If you may need our help to identify shortlisted candidates' compatibility with your company.


Or if you are a job agency or headhunting company and want free resumes with analysed inXight reports Please email us at

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