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Finding the right person can be tough

Understand your candidates at a deeper level with our flagship service - inXight which transforms traits and personality dimensions into data.
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 Be confident in your hiring

Empowering businesses with insights

At Inscape, we are committed to revolutionizing the hiring process. We empower businesses and recruitment professionals with valuable insights to make better hiring decisions. Whether you're a business seeking the right candidate or a recruiter looking for the next talent, our solutions can meet your needs.

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Inscape is dedicated to providing valuable solutions for businesses and recruiter. Our services benefits the most for both HR and recruiters, offering comprehensive insights and resources to enhance your hiring processes.
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Make successful hires

For businesses looking to hire, we understand the importance of placing the right person for the right job.
That's why we offer our psychologically-backed assessment tool - inXight. By utilizing inXight, you gain access to comprehensive personality and behavioral analysis of candidates. This allows you to make better-informed decisions, while ensuring that the candidate you choose is not only qualified for the job, but also the perfect fit for your organization culture.
With inXight, you can confidently build a team that excels and drives your business forward.
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